Tasmanian Mountain Guides | Treks
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  • Multi-Day

    • pre-trek lecture day
    • small groups
    • two professional guides
    • design your own trek
    • stunning scenery
    • highest quality gear provided
    • transport to and from trek

  • Single Day

    • pre-trek lecture day
    • small groups or one on one
    • two professional guides
    • design your own itinerary
    • highest quality gear provided
    • transport to and from trek

  • Self Guided

    • pre-trek lecture day if required
    • you choose your group size
    • expert advice
    • assistance with planning
    • highest quality gear available
    • food available as required
    • transport to and from trek destination


    • pre-trek lecture day
    • small groups, perfect for couples
    • two professional guides
    • day trips based out of a lodge
    • relax by the fire each night
    • highest quality gear provided
    • transport to and from lodge


Classroom-based tuition

At Tasmanian Mountain Guides we believe that the key to a safe, enjoyable wilderness experience begins with the preparation phase. As a result, clients will receive a full day of preparatory lectures prior to any outdoor activity. The lectures will be conducted at TMG HQ in Launceston and will cover topics such as the principles of leave no trace, safety in the mountains, principles of keeping warm, navigation, nutrition, weather, first aid and how to pack your gear. The lectures will end mid-afternoon where packs will be packed and checked for the following day. Clients will have the opportunity to purchase any last minute items from the many outdoor stores that Launceston has to offer.

Experienced Guides

Tasmanian Mountain Guides are a close-knit team of industry professionals who are focused on ensuring that you have a great wilderness experience. We utilize a wide range of experience within our guiding pool to ensure that you have the best possible guides attached to your trek. Ranging from Special Forces experience, to adventure based tourism, our guides have spent many years refining their skills and knowledge to provide you with the best possible advice and safety on the trail. Our collective experience has been gained from places such as Scandinavia, the Himalayas, the UK, New Zealand, mainland Australia, and of course Tasmania. Both our male and female guides attend regular refresher training to ensure they are kept current with the necessary skills required to be employed as guides in the Tasmanian Wilderness.

Highest quality gear

At Tasmanian Mountain Guides we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the finest quality equipment in Australia. We do not hire our gear to you - you get it as part of the deal. Our choice of gear is based on years of experience and advice from industry professionals that has been tailored to suit the Tasmanian conditions. We have an inventory of both summer and winter items that are utilised depending on the season so you can be assured that you have the right gear for the right trek. Some of our gear can't be bought off the shelf in Australia, however we can advise you how and where to kit yourself out if you are interested in owning some of the gear after your trek.



So….. what trek is for you?


Our multi-day treks are designed to give you the complete trekking experience. From the first day of introductory lessons you will be in the hands of some of the industries finest guides. Trek through some of the most spectacular scenery on earth while feeling a sense of achievement because you will be carrying all the equipment and supplies you need for the trek. At the end you will not only have a greater appreciation for what you can achieve but also have the confidence to do your own unguided treks in the future.



Our single-day treks are designed for people who may be short of time but want to spend an awesome day in the Tasmanian wilderness. Ranging from moderate to difficult, our day treks provide the option for the moderately fit to the serious athlete. At the end of the day you will be able to relax in front of the fire and reflect on how great your day was. Your only regret will be that the day is over. Choose from either the two day package that includes a full day of introductory lectures or go with the activity day only.

AU$400 – $800 per person GST Inclusive

Image of young girl walking through central plateau


Our self guided treks are designed for people who want to experience the Tasmanian wilderness by themselves, but don’t want the hassle of sourcing equipment, food and transport. TMG offer a full range of services including equipment and PLB hire, location advice, food preparation, transport, and park fees. Prices vary depending on your needs so contact Tasmanian Mountain Guides to discuss your trek.


Our lodge based treks are a combination of several single day treks while staying in a lodge each night. Spend the day trekking to the summit of Tasmania’s most spectacular peaks and kick back at night in front of the fire with a well-earned drink. The next morning we will get up and do it all again on another peak. You may choose to either shorten or lengthen your trip depending on your available time.

Cradle Mountain + Dove Lake

(AU $2000 per person)

Mt Roland + Cradle Mtn + Barn Bluff

(AU $2600 per person)