• Navigation Course

    • Three day course
    • Day trips
    • Navigation gear proivided

  • Winter Skills Course

    • Five day course
    • Feel comfortable in a winter environment
    • Tasmanian wilderness

  • Snow Skills Course

    • Five day course
    • Bogong High Plains

  • Wilderness Preparation Course

    • One day course
    • All lessons/equipment provided
    • Based in Launceston office


Classroom-based tuition

At Tasmanian Mountain Guides we believe that the key to a safe, enjoyable wilderness experience begins with the preparation phase. As a result, clients will receive a full day of preparatory lectures prior to any outdoor activity. The lectures will be conducted at TMG HQ in Launceston and will cover topics such as the principles of leave no trace, safety in the mountains, principles of keeping warm, navigation, nutrition, weather, first aid and how to pack your gear. The lectures will end mid-afternoon where packs will be packed and checked for the following day. Clients will have the opportunity to purchase any last minute items from the many outdoor stores that Launceston has to offer.

Experienced Guides

Tasmanian Mountain Guides are a close-knit team of industry professionals who are focused on ensuring that you have a great wilderness experience. We utilize a wide range of experience within our guiding pool to ensure that you have the best possible guides attached to your trek. Ranging from Special Forces experience, to adventure based tourism, our guides have spent many years refining their skills and knowledge to provide you with the best possible advice and safety on the trail. Our collective experience has been gained from places such as Scandinavia, the Himalayas, the UK, New Zealand, mainland Australia, and of course Tasmania. Both our male and female guides attend regular refresher training to ensure they are kept current with the necessary skills required to be employed as guides in the Tasmanian Wilderness.

Highest quality gear

At Tasmanian Mountain Guides we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the finest quality equipment in Australia. We do not hire our gear to you - you get it as part of the deal. Our choice of gear is based on years of experience and advice from industry professionals that has been tailored to suit the Tasmanian conditions. We have an inventory of both summer and winter items that are utilised depending on the season so you can be assured that you have the right gear for the right trek. Some of our gear can't be bought off the shelf in Australia, however we can advise you how and where to kit yourself out if you are interested in owning some of the gear after your trek.


So…What course is for you?

Navigation Course

Whether you are a beginner or just need some refresher training, our navigation course is suited to any outdoor discipline that requires proficiency with a map and compass. This three-day course will give you the skills and confidence to navigate your way around any corner of the globe.


Winter Skills Course

Our winter skills course will give you all the necessary skills and knowledge to safely move through and camp in an alpine area during winter.

This five day course will introduce participants to what living in the cold is actually like, with the end state being that you feel comfortable and secure in a winter alpine environment.


Snow Skills Course

TMG offer a five day Snow Skills Course in the Bogong High Plains. As one of the largest snow covered areas in Australia, the Bogong High Plains are a 4.5 hour drive from Melbourne and are part of the magnificent Victorian Alps.


Wilderness Preparation Course

Thinking of doing some hiking but don’t really know where to start?

This one day course will provide you with all the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to start seriously planning that trip you have always dreamt about.